Arduino adventures

An Arduino is an electronic interface allowing you to send and receive electrical signals and interpret them as information. With this gadget you can make small automaton devices or use a computer to directly interpret signals and send back instructions. New media artists uses it to create performance tools. I used it when I was in university to create interactive installations. It’s been a while since then and I decided to come back to my old loves.

My first challenge has been to make the Arduino work on Xubuntu. Xubuntu is an alleged version of Ubuntu that can actually run on my old laptop. Just so you can imagine, some parts of the screen of this machine are held together with leather pieces! Its a survivor but regardless of its state of deterioration I managed to have the Arduino IDE and the usp port communicate with the Arduino chip-set and got a few LED to blink !

How I did it :

My arduino is an Arduino UNO

  1. There is a bug with the usb communication between Linux and the board. I found how to fix it here
  2. I found some nice tutorials to get the thing working there

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