Compulsion Loops & Dopamine in Games and Gamification

This is a presentation I put up together for the Big Gamification Challenge 2018 organised by REACTOR in collaboration with the Anglia Ruskin university , UK To explain how to use Compulsion Loops to produce Dopamine in games and gamified apps I touch multiple subjects

  • Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Motivation and Rewards
  • Challenges and Skills
  • Anticipation, Churn and Retention

Most of the talk is based on my experience of some theories I found works best for game system design. Find the Presentation Slides Here .I also decided to write an article on that talk so here it is : Continue reading

Arduino adventures

An Arduino is an electronic interface allowing you to send and receive electrical signals and interpret them as information. With this gadget you can make small automaton devices or use a computer to directly interpret signals and send back instructions. New media artists uses it to create performance tools. I used it when I was in university to create interactive installations. It’s been a while since then and I decided to come back to my old loves. Continue reading