Bivouac Urbain 2009

Recently I attended a game design contest has an acompagnator for a team of 4 colleagues.

The goal of the competition ws to create a game in 36h on the theme of “Antithesis”My team produced an nice project called “Handy Hand – Color Cappers” based on the oposition of black&white versus color.

Unfortunately, there where some major bugs in the last version so it’s not functional. 😦
Nevertheless, it was a nice experience. Rapid Iteration Prosess (rip) has the potential of challenging ideas quickly by making mistakes as soon as possible.

Porting video games to IPhone

I was Game Designer for the port of the DS game My Stop Smoking Coach with Allen Carr and My Weight Loss Coach DS to the ITouch/IPhone platform.

Doing game ports to the iPhone is very interesting since this device is only starting to show it’s potential has a video game console.

I’m looking forward to see the evolution of this new way of playing into people’s everyday life.