My first DS title was launched and is now avaliable in stores!

Here’s the press release!
COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – May 6th, 2010 – Today Ubisoft announced the immediate release of its brand new title in the well-established Petz range: Petz FantasyTM. The game is now available on retail shelves, to the delight of every 6 to 11 year-old kid in Germany, Italy, Denmark and UK. Designed for both Nintendo DSTM and Nintendo DSiTM, Petz Fantasy opens the doors of its magic world, Magia, where players will be able to play with up to 20 fantastic creatures, from the lovely Unicorn to the funny Dragon, the cheery Chagron, or the speedy Furris. Young girls and boys audiences will be thrilled to take care of their very own baby animal… not to mention that the Petz and their magic powers will bring the player to a universe full of surprises and secrets, where the best is yet to come!

Flow and Dificulty Adjustment in Video Games

I’ve finally committed to write my first essay in English! Since French is my mother tongue I hope readers will be tolerant about my total lack of syntax sense :).  Back in university I was interested about the theory of flow and recently I decided to see how it applied to video games. It appears  Jenova Chen’s FlOw game is an essai to apply this theory so I decided to use it as a base for my own essay:

Flow and Difficulty Dajustment in Video Games…

Bivouac Urbain 2009

Recently I attended a game design contest has an acompagnator for a team of 4 colleagues. www.bivouacurbain.com

The goal of the competition ws to create a game in 36h on the theme of “Antithesis”My team produced an nice project called “Handy Hand – Color Cappers” based on the oposition of black&white versus color.

Unfortunately, there where some major bugs in the last version so it’s not functional. 😦
Nevertheless, it was a nice experience. Rapid Iteration Prosess (rip) has the potential of challenging ideas quickly by making mistakes as soon as possible.