My Weight Loss Coach iPod touch/iPhone : Ubisoft 2008

I was Lead Game Designer for the port of the DS game My Weight Loss Coach to the ITouch/IPhone platform.

” My Weight Loss Coach iPod touch/iPhone supports you and tracks your progress and achievements by improving your energy balance. Developed in conjunction with a nutritionist, it helps you take control of your weight efficiently and feel better. ”

Since this was a port, the main difficulty was to integrate the interfaces of the DS game to the IPhone. We had to adapt the lists to fit the manipulations patterns of the iPhone qith drag N dropping, “springy” effect. But the main difficulty was to adapt the main feature of the DS game that came along with a Pedometer that you could plug in the GBA port of the DS. Since the iPhone applications are donloaded, there were no packaging so no Pedometer.

Using the motion sensors of the iPhone to create a Pedometer was hard enought but the main problem is came from the battery itself. Using the pedometer required the application to run constantly for a long periode. Since the iPhone had a short battery duration, using the Pedometer everyday was impossible.

I had to come up with a new feature to record frequent walk samples so it could be added to the dayly activity calendar of the application.

The application is now applicable on the app Store

(Genre : iPod touch/iPhone ,education, casual)

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