Skylanders – Spyro’s Universe – MMO : Frima Studio 2011

Skylanders – Spyro’s Universe is a MMO targeted at kids between 7 and 10. The Game is flash based and can be played online. It was developped by Frima Studio for Activision Bizard. As a game designer I’v worked on different aspects of the game. My main role was to design the 3 minigames that allows you to defend your skyland from sky pirates and evil minions: Ground Defense, Castle Assault and Sky Defense witch are the 3 main mini-games that can be played with your skylanders. The main challenge in designing these mini-games was the necessity to allow players to use any of the 32 figurines available at launch and further figurines releases and use their special elemental powers.  I also participated in the balancing of the game economy and other sections of the game in general.

Skylanders is a trans-media brand. It’s an ecosystem of games that are inter-linked through the use of figurines. By placing a skylander figurine on a “portal of power” players can change the character used in-game. The figurines can be used in all the games of the serie and statistics are transferred on the figurine to be used in other games.

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